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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Weekly round up - July 8th, 2011

Hi everyone,
It sure has been a week of action this week! G has started his distant education courses on top of his already busy timetable so I am going to write the weekly update this week :)

The project is really gathering momentum and there is alot of interest across the hospital and wider community about what we are doing.

Our first few fundraising activities are about to kick into gear. The chocolates arrive next Monday and we have been given approval on the wards to sell them which is great.

500 red & black wristbands (with help fill the cracked embossed on them) have been ordered and paid for. Production will take 2-3 weeks so it won't be long before they arrive.

The wonderful creative work from students and the teacher on 3east have resulted in a wonderful logo for our project. Check out our blog a little later once we have uploaded it. Nice work guys - I have sent the logo to the wonderful people at tiesncuffs who have donated pins for adults and staff to purchase. Production of these is starting as we speak which is great news.

A young lady on 3 east has also been busy working on a stencil to print on some bags. Great idea and we look forward to seeing the end product.

So as you can see everything is shaping up well.

Next week we need the following tasks to be started:

- A holding container or box to be made to hold the wristbands and pins that will be for sale. there must be somewhere for the money to go

- Postcard (similar to the chocolate sign) that shows the items for sale and the price. On the back of the postcard we will have a blurb about what the project is about.

- A $ meter for the cafeteria back wall to display the money we are raise. I think some 3east students may have already started it.

- Find out how to add a $ meter on our blog.

- Respond to letters from Room 7 students

In the next few weeks we will also start looking at our live quiz on the hospital Macademia show.

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  1. This is a humbling and inspiring project. Congratulations to G and the team on all of your impressive efforts! Great work! Enjoy the rest of the project.