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Welcome to our blog site where students at the Royal Children's Hospital can follow our project. Our aim is to gain an understanding of the Christchurch earthquake and how it has affected the young people of Christchurch. Our hope is to fundraise money through our projects that will benefit those affected.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Fundraising quizzes a success

Last week as a result of the wonderful planning and organising  by students, Skates and the Macadamia crew, we were able to hold 2 fundraising quizzes. The quizzes were aired live on both days and students across all the wards were able to participate for a small donation.
On Tuesday we had one for the younger kids. This was very sucessful and  students were super quick to call in with their answers and claim their prizes! Thanks heaps to Skates, Paige and Giuseppe who did such  a wonderful job hosting the quiz.
On the Wednesday we had one for adolescent kids.  Among the prizes were an ipod shuffle, perfume & cologne, itunes cards and many more. This was a little harder to muster up kids to particpate but  we got there in the end and it was successful. Big thanks to Giuseppe and Jake who also did a fabulous job hosting:)

A few other quick thankyou's are in order..

- Thanks to the staff at the Education Institute  and Mica for helping promote our quizzes and project
-Thanks to Mr Cummings who so kindly donated pefume & cologne  for the adolsecent prizes
- Thanks to Skates and the Macadamia crew for being so supportive of our project and accomodating the quizzes into the show program.
-Thanks to Belinda and Frances for donating prizes
- Thanks to Allesha  for providing the top prize for the adolescent kids
- Thank you and nice work Giuseppe on creating the quizzes
- Thanks to the 3 east kids who created all the promotional posters and finally...

A BIG THANK YOU  to you all for promoting and particpating.  Nice work everyone!!!

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  1. People's kindness makes projects possible. Thanks everyone