Christchurch Earthquake

Welcome to our blog site where students at the Royal Children's Hospital can follow our project. Our aim is to gain an understanding of the Christchurch earthquake and how it has affected the young people of Christchurch. Our hope is to fundraise money through our projects that will benefit those affected.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

And in the lead....

Hey Guys,

The poll seems to be having updating issues so here are the current preferred choices for spending the money (As of 10/11/2011)...

Repairs to the school camp - 12 votes

Sports Equipment - 11 votes

Scholarship money for financially disadvantaged
kids to play sport, go on excursions, school camps,  play music - 7 votes

Entry to the pool - 6 votes

money for Big Day Out activities - 6 votes

Free entry to school disco - 5 votes

Emergency kit supplies - 4 votes

Movie night - 3 votes

Back field equipment - 2 votes

ice creams - 2 votes

concert - 2 votes

If you cant vote on the poll,  blog your vote under this post and we will update next week. You have till next Friday :)


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