Christchurch Earthquake

Welcome to our blog site where students at the Royal Children's Hospital can follow our project. Our aim is to gain an understanding of the Christchurch earthquake and how it has affected the young people of Christchurch. Our hope is to fundraise money through our projects that will benefit those affected.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Mmmmmmm. CHOCOLATE!!!!!!

Another fundraising idea that has been suggested is selling chocolates on the wards. We would need to get approval by the Nurse Unit Manager on the wards first, but for now we can find some quotes.
Please research the best possible way to do this and remember the profit margin needs  to be enough to make the fundraising worthwhile. thanks


  1. i might look into finding some quotes for chocolate like cadbury, as they do alot fundraising.

  2. The chocolates sound like a good idea all we need to do now is find some cheap quotes so we can raise money for christchurch as well as we need to get permission but all in all it sounds like a good idea that would work well

  3. We did cadbury chocolate fundraising every year in primary school and everyone loved it, it raised a lot of money so I think this is a great idea!

  4. Great Idea I think they will love it. (Also The Nures). Where do you think you would sell them?
    How will you going todo it?

    From Steph 3east