Christchurch Earthquake

Welcome to our blog site where students at the Royal Children's Hospital can follow our project. Our aim is to gain an understanding of the Christchurch earthquake and how it has affected the young people of Christchurch. Our hope is to fundraise money through our projects that will benefit those affected.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Weekly update June 17

Hi everyone.

Our thoughts are with the people in Christchurch who suffered through a 6.3 aftershock on Monday. There were also 90 aftershocks in a 24 Hour period.

It has been a slow week with not much happening on the Blog due to exams for alot of kids. Also we had the public holiaday.

With the wristbands there is only one day left to vote and so far the wrist band Red/Black-Help Fill The Cracks is the most popular.

Still wating for permission for the wristbands but hopefully we will be able to place the order next week.

We need to get cracking on the chockolate boxes and posters please.

There are alot of jobs posted on the Blog if you are looking to help.

bye for now......

1 comment:

  1. Would you like me to make some wrist bands I make them really good one. If you were going to sell my wrist bands you should probably sell them for about 20 cents each.
    Well I make them out of wool with multicolour it looks cool!!
    From Steph 3east